Cerc.Șt.gr.I Radu Ionicioiu

Photo IonicioiuRadu Ionicioiu (research) graduated from University of Bucharest (MSc theoretical physics, 1991) and continued his studies with a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Mathematics (1994) and a PhD (1999), both from University of Cambridge. In 1999 he start working in the emerging fields of quantum information, quantum computation, quantum technologies and quantum foundations. During his career, Radu worked at several universities and research institutes around the world: Cambridge University (1999-2000), Institute for Scientific Interchange (Turin, Italy, 2000- 2006), Hewlett-Packard Labs (Bristol, UK, 2007-2009), Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia, 2010-2011), Institute for Quantum Computing (Waterloo, Canada, 2011-2012). From 2013 he is a Senior Researcher (CS1) at IFIN-HH and CEOSpaceTech (UPB).
Radu's research encompasses a wide area of topics: solid-state implementations for quantum computing, spintronics, topological gates, topological entanglement, photonic modules for optical quantum computing and Gedankenexperiments in quantum foundations. Among his contributions are a novel implementation of quantum computing with flying qubits in quantum wires, a spintronic polarizing beam-splitter, generalized parity gates and the discovery of topological entanglement in Kitaev's model.
His 2010 proposal (with D.Terno) for a quantum delayed-choice Gedankenexperiment attracted considerable interest, with 5 groups worldwide testing it and confirming experimentally the predictions. Throughout his career, Radu published in high-impact journals: Phys.Rev.Lett, Nature Communications, Phys.Rev.A/B, Phys.Lett. etc. His research featured in New Scientist, Le Monde and was discussed in science news sites (phys.org).
While at Hewlett-Packard Labs, Radu co-authored 4 US patents on quantum key distribution.

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