URMA Short Description

WEB4The Multi-layer Geohazards Information System Concept for Urban Areas (URMA - urban risk mapping) technical objectives are directed toward the definition of a concept system for interactive exploration of ground and land dynamics in urban areas, corroborated by three complementary information layers which describe the geology, built-up dynamics and displacements. Although competitive products are available in Western Europe, ASRC is the only private company in Central and Eastern Europe able to effectively monitor geohazards using PSInSAR techniques.  The General Objective of the proposal is to: Develop a framework and methodology for risk and vulnerability assessment and mapping.
A set of individual algorithms for PSInSAR and urban class evolution and classification based on SAR image time series have already been developed and tested over the last years by the team. During this project, the performance of already existing methods and algorithms will be analysed in order to select the most suitable ones in the frame of the SENTINEL-1 mission. The final result is a concept interactive platform integrating multiple layers of information from various sources, to support the payload ground segment (PGS).

Project Details