VATEO Short Description

VATEO image 400 273Data visualization plays a key role in the knowledge discovery process due to its ability to reveal groups between data items and to offer relevant displays of inherent data traits.

The project aims to develop an experimental model of visual data exploration tool, which allows interactive data presentation in order to increase users' capabilities to understand the information content of large data sets of images and extract meaningful, relevant semantic clusters, together with quantitative measurements presented in a suggestive, visual way. Behind the traditional method of turning data into knowledge which relies on manual analysis and interpretation, this approach considers the underlying visual patterns for image content representation.

VATEO tool enables users to browse, search and understand the natural semantic grouping of the content of Earth Observation imaging products, thus contributing to reasoning, understanding, fast qualitative and quantitative analyses. The semantics used for image comparison will be given through formal representations, i.e. by parameters/descriptors that introduce different aspects of the content, spectral and texture features or various indexes for vegetation or urban areas.

Project Details