NEWIPTRANSE Short Description

NEWIPTRANSEThe NEWIPTRANSE project is focused on near-field wireless power transfer (NWPT) technology that will provide power for next-generation wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and for point to point or multipoint efficient power transfer. In this project a realistic approach will be made regarding the final prototype such as high input to load efficiency and high tolerance to environment variation characteristic for space operation,  high reliability and flexibility. The NWPT system comprise of high efficiency DC-DC and DC-AC converters and transmitter and receiver coils, with a smart control system that can adapt the operating parameters in order to maintain high transfer efficiency and maximum power point tracking. The transmitter and receiver coils are used to transfer the power and will employ the latest techniques in order to increase the efficiency like low operating frequency, use of ferrite cores in the receiver, rectangular litz wire and magnetic flux shaping with metal shielding. During the project a prototype of the NWPT system with at least 2 transmitters and 2 receiver converter units and associated coils with different topologies will be realized to test the proposed NWPT system. 

Project Details