SPACETECH Short Description

Spacetech2During the past years the information and communication theory stimulated emerging novel technologies in a broad variety of space technology and application fields. In this context, CeoSpaceTech has gained constant knowledge in the areas of RADAR systems design and technology, SAR and related topics in signal processing and information extraction, and Data Mining in large heterogeneous data repositories. The objective of the project is to develop a new field of competence, Smart Sensors and Big Data Technology which is based on the existing knowledge, but does not emerge directly. The concept of Smart Sensors and Big Data Technology aims at becoming a disruptive innovation in the design and technology of SAR sensors and signal processing in synergy with Big Data solutions, and putting the bases of quantum approaches. The envisaged activities are designed to put this vision on a firm footing. This will be achieved by developing the knowledge basis, training people, attracting funding and, last but not least, disseminating the results through outreach activities. Furthermore, an European Space Agency Business Incubator Centre will be established in order to continue these activities, leading the Romanian innovation to a higher Technology Readiness Level, thus insuring a sustainable contribution to ESA technologies.