CENTURION (2021-2024)

centurionThe CENTURION project (2021-2024) will critically advance applications of AI methodology to the Big Earth Data challenge. Through mature, award-winning, Petascale-proven European datacube technology, all Copernicus data together with contributing missions and third party‚Äôs EO, climate, and thematic data sets will be homogenized into Analysis and Fusion Ready spatiotemporal data hypercubes offered through strictly standards-based interfaces.

CENTURION will become a partner of the EarthServer Datacube federation thereby making its results seamlessly available for several DIASes as well as enabling free and open research and paving a road for commercial uses. Awards-winning AI platform operating throughout all cycles (ranging from data discovery to generation of actionable insights) will enable rapid use case development and will provide assured execution of analytical tasks at any scale in hybrid cloud environments.

Reusable AI Knowledge Packs (novel approach to AI) will establish a method for creation of shrink-wrapped purposeoriented analytics tools. The project will create several knowledge packs for at least 5 use cases. External contributions for future AI knowledge packs will be encouraged through outreach, trainings, and support.

The CENTURION project success measures and KPIs will incorporate technical, economic, environmental, safety, security and social criteria, addressing the principal barriers that impede accelerated market uptake of Copernicus data and services and will demonstrate commercial value of the created innovations by establishing novel products and business models further described in the proposal that prioritise pertinent industry use cases in the scope of the project. By combining and advancing leading European tools in two critical fields, AI and Big Data Cubes, the project is key to European technology independence and monetisation of Copernicus Data.