DCA-WSN Short Description

photo menu DCA WSN2Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) interconnect a large number of intelligent micro-sensor nodes with sensing, processing and wireless communication capabilities, to implement tasks in specific application areas. When compared to traditional ad-hoc networks, the most noticeable point about sensor networks is that they are limited in computational capacities, memory resources and power.
Focusing on the energy efficiency problem, we propose a new approach for reducing the activity of the nodes and consequently reducing energy consumption. Project Goal is to increase the WSN lifetime in practical applications combining classical procedures used in WSN with elements of Information Theory.
The proposed methods use distributed source coding algorithms for multiple correlated sensor outputs to reduce the length blocks of data transmitted by each node. The compression algorithms are combined with time scheduling and data aggregation procedures to reduce the amount of energy consumption. These are tested and validated on software simulator and hardware WSN developed within the project. For hardware implementation, a new wireless sensor node is developed that can be adaptable with specific signal conditioning interfaces for agricultural and medical applications.

Project Details