BISTATIC Executive Summary

Through this project we aim to develop a B-SAR system with fixed receiver, with a satellite system as transmitter of opportunity. The main focus is on the hardware design and signal processing for optimal communication and SAR image formation. Moreover, studies on the angular diversity for interferometric applications are envisioned. 



O1. Contributions to the GMES services for the improvement of PS Interferometry, in preparation for ESA Sentinel-1
 O2. The study, design and implementation of a fixed-receiver Bistatic SAR system that uses Satellite Systems as Transmitter of opportunity
 O3. Attainment of an experimental hardware basis to ensure the persistence of a high complexity technological line
 O4. The study, design and implementation of image formation algorithms
 O5. Optimization of transmitter-receiver communication and ground system positioning
 O6. Acquisition of data with BSAR and data fusion with satellite data
 O7. The demonstration and validation of the instrument and proposed algorithms capabilities


 Estimated results
 R1. A Bistatic Spaceborne‐Ground‐based SAR system for SAR Interferometry and PSI applications
 R2. A collection of signal processing algorithms for SAR Image formation, phase synchronization, data fusion
 R3. A study on the methods to improve and complement the PS quality and density in satellite data through bistatic SAR systems.