GEODIM Executive Summary


GeodimEfficient analysis and interpretation of satellite imagery can contribute to rapid mapping for disaster management. Earth observation capabilities from national, European and international community actors are used to respond to major disasters around the world, for humanitarian aid and security.

Satellite derived information needs to be used in combination with additional data to be presented in a proper geospatial context for the work of civil protection agencies and relief organizations. When disasters happen, reliance is placed on any type of geoinformation that might be available in a short period of time. Accordingly, GEODIM – Platform for GeoInformation in Support of Disaster Management will develop a platform for local disaster and risk management based on geoinformation, in order to provide a value-added service that covers all the phases of a disaster: preparedness/prevention, emergency response, and recovery. The project will identify the users' requirements for the emergency response service and for the related products that are specific to Romania. The downstream emergency response service will provide value-added products through disaster maps (printed and electronic), graphics and written reports that offer a clear and objective perspective concerning the dimension of disasters and their effects on infrastructure, agriculture or human settlements.