DAS-Tool Short Description

DAS ToolDeveloped by ESA as part of the Copernicus Program, the Sentinel-2 (S2) mission was developed to perform terrestrial observations in support of services such as forest monitoring, land cover changes detection, and natural disaster management. With a systematic global coverage of land surfaces and a temporal resolution of 5 days, the S2 mission raises a great interest due to the augmented volume of medium resolution imagery it provides. Moreover, its multispectral instrument (MSI) is capable of measuring the radiation reflected by the Earth surface in 13 different intervals of the electromagnetic spectrum. Computer-based data analysis is highly required to extract similarity by processing and assist human understanding and semantic annotation.

Given these facts, the Multispectral Data Analysis Toolbox for SNAP – ESA’s SentiNel Application Platform (DAS-Tool) technical objectives are directed towards the elaboration of dedicated algorithms for content description and semantic analysis of Sentinel 2 data. Spectral band discovery for exploratory visual analysis will be added in support of MSI image understanding. A unitary data mining framework is envisaged in order to enhance relevant aspects and transpose the S2 data into actionable information.


Demo videos


SNAP - Getting started with DAS-Tool. Installation and pixel based Sentinel 2 data analysis


SNAP - Interactive Sentinel 2 data analysis with DAS-Tool (patch based)