IIM -2015




Earth Observation (EO) data has increased significantly over the last decades with sensors collecting terabytes of data per day. Meanwhile, the advent of sub-meter resolution Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors brought new dimensions to application areas with the consequence that the observed details has grown exponentially.
Moreover, decades of EO image time series will be continued in the future describing land cover and/or scene evolution and dynamics. With plans for more missions and higher resolution EO systems, the challenge is increasingly going to be how to augment the usability of the millions of images being collected to a larger and larger group of end user applications (e.g., climate change, security, land use, etc.).




The 10th IIM conference aims to facilitate the interaction of various communities of researchers involved in Earth Observation data processing and content based data indexing for retrieval, browsing, visualization and analytics. This fusion is of extremely practical interest for both EO and multimedia research communities considering the challenging topics arising from huge geospatial data archives handling and exploration.