RISE Work Plan

RISE is a 2 years project organized around 4 work packages, as follows:


WP1 - Synthesis of societal and research challenges relevant to ecosystem research

The objectives of this WP is to identify the specific needs of different relevant potential and existing users from the integrated platform for land/water monitoring and research, to analyze and choose development tools for the integrated platform and to define the overall platform concept.


D1.1 - Use Case Scenario and Requirements Technical Note 

D1.2 - Technical Note on concept definition and technology selection 

WP2 - Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) integration

The objectives of this WP is to configure and integrate the sensors in a heterogeneous wireless sensor network and to program the sensors to remotely transmit the data.


D2.1 - Technical note on wireless sensor network configuration and data transmission 

WP3 - Web platform development

The objectives of this WP is to develop the web platform and to integrate the sensors data flow, EO image analysis results and existing data into the web platform.


D3.1 – Technical note on web platform architecture

D3.2 - Web platform technical note

WP4 - Validation and evaluation

The objective of this WP is to perform a verification and validation of the developed platform.


D4.1 Technical note on verified/validated developed platform 

D4.2 Report on land monitoring based on ground measurements and EO image