VATEO Work plan

VATEO is a 3 year project organized around 5  work packages as follows:

WP1 – User requirements - complete

 The first WP includes activities concerning the identification of the potential end users, gathering their requirements and outlining the technical specifications of the tool.

WP2 – Tools, algorithms and data analysis - complete

The objective of this WP is to design the logical scheme of the experimental model application, to import the open source modules, to develop original algorithms and perform data ingestion.

WP3 – VATEO arhitecture - complete

The third WP is focused on prototype application design.

WP4 – VATEO design and implementation - ongoing

The development phase - WP4, includes several steps such as: Software design for the Multidimensionality Reduction Module (MDR), Software design for the Analytical Clustering (AC) and Visual Analytics Module, Software design for the Projective Visualization (PV) Module and, Integration of the components and interface. Each module provides input data for the next one, so, in the development process, they are going to be constructed in this precise order.

WP5 – Testing and validation – ongoing

WP5 will be implemented together with WP4 including: Testing and validation, with its Internal testing of each module (WP5.1) and Tests and calibration on real data (WP5.2). 

methodology VATEO figureMethodology