GEODIM Rezults

GEODIM is a 4 year project organized around 5  work packages as follows:

 WP1 – Definition of Service Requirements and GEODIM User Group Creationcomplete

This workpackage  has two main objectives:

To collect and summarize requirements for satellite-based mapping products for disaster management from the user community and data/service providers.
To establish a GEODIM user group that will: (1) contribute with relevant reference data;

(2) use the products generated by the service in the disaster management process.

WP2 –
Mapping Products for Disaster Management - complete

The second WP aims to create a portfolio of mapping products for hydro-meteorological driven disasters (plain floods, flash floods, landslides).  Projected activities include:

WP3 –
Spatial Data Infrastructure – complete

The third WP aim to design and develop a set of tools and standardised geospatial web services that enable users to search, view, download, process and analyse the data collected or created within the GEODIM service (GEODIM geoportal).

WP4 –
Service Upgrade– ongoing

The objectives of this WP are to extend the service to cover other types of disasters (earthquake, man-made),provide space-based information to the crowdsourcing community and perform tests with simulated Sentinel data.

Service Qualification and Future Exploitationongoing

Finally, the last WP implies testing and validation of the GEODIM service.