DCA-WSN Work plan

DCA-WSN is a 2 year project organized around 5 technical work packages as follows:

WP1 - State of the art and technical note on user requirements - complete

The main objective is to define the technical requirements and the concept of the experimental model. In this phase are also defined the parameters which will be acquired and the acquisition data.



D1.1 Technical note on user requirements - delivered

D1.2 Technical note describing the experimental model concept - delivered


WP2 - Experimental nodes hardware implementation - complete

The objective of this WP is to design and physically build the experimental nodes, as well as to configure the sensors attached to the nodes.



D2.1 Technical note on node hardware specifications - delivered

D2.2 Physical nodes - delivered


WP3 - Nodes algorithms elaboration - complete

The main objective is to design and develop the algorithms which will be integrated in the experimental model. The nodes microcontrollers and communication sensors are also programmed in this phase.



D3.1 Technical note on algorithms design and development - delivered


WP4 - Experimental base station and acquisition software implementation – complete

The objective of this WP is to physically build the model base station. The acquisition software and the decompression algorithms working on the base station will also be developed in this phase.



D4.1 Functional base station delivered

D4.2 Technical note on software design and development delivered


WP5 - Validation and Evaluation  complete

The main objective is to validate the experimental model though different applications. There will be also an analysis of future possible applications for the experimental model.



D5.1 Technical report on experimental model evaluation and validation delivered

D5.2 Technical note on future model applications delivered


DASMote Node