The work plan is broken down into 4 main WP groups:

I. (pink) Administration and Management (WP1)

II. (amber) Technology Development (WP2-4): the Consortium will develop the CENTURION project architecture, the CENTURION platform and the cross-cutting CENTURION use case applications combining relevant Copernicus data and services.

III. (blue) Use Cases and Pre-Production Acceptance testing (WP5-6): the Consortium will test the CENTURION platform and applications in 5 use cases. The resulting technical and commercial feasibility analysis will be used to define how the CENTURION platform and applications can be integrated into the Copernicus product portfolio and potentially into ESA Common architecture.

IV. (green) Dissemination & Exploitation (WP7-8): the Consortium will use the use case and platform demonstrator results to raise awareness around CENTURION project and Copernicus services in general, influence industry stakeholders, and develop detailed business

Centurion wp