DAMATS Work Plan

DAMATS is a 2 years project organized around 4 work packages, as follows:

Task 1. Project Management – includes all   the   activities   managing the implementation of the project:   monitoring   and   coordinating   the   different   tasks,   controlling   and   reporting.  - complete

Task 2. Requirements and Algorithms Analysis – the activities within this task focus on gathering the users’ requirements that will put the basis of system development, as well as on defining the scenarios to demonstrate the implemented platform. Within this task, all the existing algorithms will be analyzed and selected, and the still needed ones will be implemented and verified. - complete

Task 3. Prototype Design, Implementation, Verification and Deployment – the prototype will be designed, the algorithms will be integrated, the system will be verified and deployed. - ongoing

Task 4. Prototype Validation and Evaluation – foresees the necessary activities in order to test, validate and evaluate the prototype developed under the previous tasks.   The  independent  testing represents  the  software  validation  and  the  evaluation  provides  a  report  on  the  outreach  and potential,  as  well  as  a  qualitative  assessment  of  the  developed  solution. - ongoing


PMP.          Project Management Plan – delivered

UC – TN.    Use Case and Scenarios - Technical Note – delivered

URD.          Requirements Baseline - User Requirements – delivered

MAT – TN.  Methods, Algorithms and Tools - Technical Note – delivered

TS – SRS.  Technical Specification - Software Requirements Specification – delivered

SDD.           Software design document – delivered

SRelD.        Software release document

SUM.          Software user manual

SVerP.        Software verification plan – delivered

SValP.         Software validation plan – delivered

SVerR.        Software verification report

SValR.        Software validation report

SRF.           Software reuse file – delivered

SP.              Software Package

ER.             Evaluation Report

ES.              Executive Summary

FP.              Final Presentation

CCS.           Contract Closure Summary