DGI-SAR Executive Summary

Spaceborne Multiple Aperture Interferometry and Sequential Patterns Extraction Techniques for Accurate Directional Ground and Infrastructure Stability Measurements

(2012 – 2015, within the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation)


The project develops innovative monitoring services for critical infrastructure stability, slopes and seismic movements. For this, the experts will merge the latest technologies and knowledge in the field, such as spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), with original approaches and research that will enhance present space and Earth based techniques.


The operational specialized services to be developed within the project are:
- Critical Infrastructure Monitoring Service (CIMS) - case study: Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant (Romania);
- Slope Instability Monitoring Service (SIMS) - case study: the adjacent versants of the nuclear plant;
- Seismic Movement Monitoring Service (SMMS) will be developed by integrating data corresponding both to the Cernavoda region and the city of Bucharest (Romania), well-known as one of the capitals with the highest seismic risk in the world.


The project proposes an interdisciplinary approach, where SAR data and processing techniques will be integrated into the current Nuclear Power Plant monitoring system and into the seismological knowledge. The ultimate envisaged goal is to improve the input to existing structural stability and seismic models and increase their efficiency.