CONCEDE Work plan

CONCEDE is a 3 years project organized around 6 technical work packages as follows:

WP 1: Project Management and Reporting - complete


          Assure the quality of project implementation

          Technical and financial reports for intermediates and final activities

          Provide an efficient risk management plan 


D1.1 Management Plan - delivered

D1.2 Progress Reports Phase 1 - delivered

D1.3 Progress Reports Phase 2 delivered

D1.4 Progress Reports Phase 3 - delivered

D1.5 Progress Reports Phase 4 - delivered

WP 2: Analysis and Review
- complete


          Establish the CONCEDE system requirements by identifying potential end users and their needs

          Provide two databases for Earth Observation and medical images according to user requirements

          Define end-to-end scenarios for user based applications


D2.1 Technical Note on User Requirements - delivered

D2.2 Technical Note on Reference Earth Observation Image Database - delivered

D2.3 Technical Note on Reference Medical Image Database - delivered

D2.4 Technical Note on CONCEDE Demonstrator Baseline Requirements - delivered

WP 3: CONCEDE Demonstrator Concept
- complete


          Define a concept for a query engine

          Define the human machine communication

          Select feature extraction algorithms and similarity measures for the query methods

         Define data compression algorithms and compression based similarity measures for the query methods

          Define human machine communication methods and algorithms


D3.1 Contributions on CONCEDE Concept - delivered

D3.2 Contributions on Feature Extraction Algorithms - delivered

D3.3 Contributions on Similarity Measures - delivered

D3.4 Contributions on HMM Concept - delivered

D3.5 Contributions on Compression based Algorithms - delivered

D3.6 Contributions on HMM Algorithms - delivered

D3.7 Graphical User Interface Design - delivered

D3.8 Contributions on Compression based Similarity Measures - delivered

WP 4: CONCEDE Demonstrator Architecture complete


          Define an architecture for the CONCEDE system according to the concept defined in WP 3.


D4.1 Technical Note on Demonstrator Architecture - delivered

D4.2 Demonstrator Application Design - delivered

WP 5: CONCEDE Demonstrator Elaboration complete


          The elaboration of the methods and algorithms selected in WP 3;

          The integration of these methods and algorithms in the demonstrator design.


D5.1 CONCEDE Demonstrator - delivered

WP 6: Validation and Evaluation complete


-      Validation and evaluation for the final CONCEDE demonstrator and all the internal modules;

-      Provide reports about the testing and validation using the data selected in WP 2;

-      Provide technical information about the demonstrator application and user guide.


D6.1 Testing and Validation Report - delivered

D6.2 Installation Guide - delivered

D6.3 User Guide - delivered

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