MIMO-SPACE is a 3 year project organized around 4 technical work packages as follows:

WP1. Concept definition: requirements, parameters, architecture and system model - complete

The objective is to analyze the current development of the MIMO systems and techniques and to define the requirements and the architecture of the software simulators and the hardware test-beds.

D1.1. State of the art on MIMO systems and applications - delivered

D1.2. Technical note on the MIMO systems architectures - delivered

WP2. Algorithms development for spatial diversity techniques - complete

The objectives are to model the MIMO channel for different terrestrial propagation scenarios, to design and implement the spatial diversity techniques and to analyze their theoretical performances.

D2.1. Technical note on MIMO channel modelling - delivered

D2.2. MIMO toolbox with implemented algorithms
D2.3. User manual for MIMO toolbox
D2.4. Technical note on spatial diversity techniques and performance analysis - delivered

WP3. MIMO-LMS system development for satellite communications - complete

The objectives are to model the satellite channel, to develop a MIMO-LMS software simulator and a MIMO-LMS hard-ware test-bed and to analyze the performances of satellite communications using MIMO technologies.

D3.1. Technical note on satellite channel modelling - delivered

D3.2. Technical note on MIMO-LMS simulator and performance analysis - delivered
D3.3. MIMO-LMS software simulator
D3.4. User manual for MIMO-LMS simulator
D3.5. VHDL code for MIMO algorithms
D3.6. Technical note for MIMO-LMS hardware test-bed - delivered

WP4. MIMO-WSN system development for wireless sensor networks

The objectives are to integrate the spatial diversity techniques and cooperative strategies in a wireless sensor network, to develop a MIMO-WSN software simulator and a MIMO-WSN hardware test-bed and to analyze the performances of a MIMO-WSN.


D4.1. Technical note on algorithms and protocols for MIMO cooperation
D4.2. Technical note on MIMO-WSN simulator and performance analysis
D4.3. The MIMO-WSN software simulator
D4.4. User manual for MIMO-WSN simulator
D4.5. The source code for the nodes of the MIMO-WSN test-bed
D4.6. Technical note on MIMO-WSN test-bed and performance analysis

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