EPMSASE Executive Summary

This research project is focused on the PMSs (Power Management Systems) that use distributed power architecture and covers specific energy conversion techniques from alternative sources (Photovoltaic Panels, Fuel Cells, etc.), energy storage elements (batteries, super-capacitors, transformers), power-shedding algorithms as well as high-performance DC-DC conversion solutions. Each node of the distributed power architecture comprise of a highly- efficient DC-DC converter and a smart supervisory system capable to communicate with other components of the PMS, entity subsystems or payload. The DC-DC converters employ the latest control techniques (e.g. soft switching) in order to maximize the conversion efficiency. The communication protocol is optimized in order to avoid the overhead of the power conversion node and is handled using the industry standard busses like the PMBus. This power-aware energy management system is capable not only to minimize the power consumption, but also maximize the use of the available power and save board space and weight.

Project Details