Dragon5 Work plan

WP1 Project Coordination and Reporting (CEOSpaceTech)

1.1 Project management and oversight

1.2 Project reporting

1.3 Research roadmap definition

1.4 Professional formation and training/cooperation plan


WP2 Data Collection and Analysis Ready Data (CEOSpaceTech)

2.1 EO data selection and organization in a database

2.2 In-situ data collection for validation

2.3 Generation of analsing ready data


WP3 Weakly supervised learning for SITS (Tonghi)

4.1 Weakly Supervised Land classification of SITS with side inforamtion

4.2 Change detection

4.3 DL for Multimodal, multi sensor and multi resolution data fusion


WP4 Explainable land evolution of SITS (Tonghi)

5.1 Spatio tempoal evolution patter extraction

5.2 Land evolution Pattern Mining and Classification

5.3 DL architecture embedding physical evolution model of SITS


WP5 Uses cases (Tongj)

6.1 Shanghai urban monitoring (China)

6.2 Danube Delta and Braila Islands biodiversity monitoring (Ro)


WP6 Dissemination and exploitation (CEOSpaceTech)

7.1 Outreach dissemination

7.2 Scientific disemination

7.3 Post-project road map