OCSTech Short Description

OCSTechOptical Compressive Sensing Technologies for Space Applications (OCSTech) foresees a detailed analysis of those space applications and optical systems that could potentially benefit from the CS techniques and technologies. On the basis of this analysis, a list of CS based instruments will be proposed to ESA that will select two instruments targeting two different space applications. A preliminary design for both CS instruments will be performed and models will be elaborated in order to define and quantify the improvements made with respect to the traditional ones.
The accurate image quality assessment being essential in the design of an instrument, the following work methodology is proposed:

  • To define an analytical model that characterizes the instruments performance in terms of main system parameters, including compression ratio and PSNR.
  • To define a numerical image reconstruction algorithm targeting the best possible reconstruction given some complexity constraints to be defined in agreement with ESA.
  • To compare the compression/PSNR results with those achieved by CCSDS lossless and lossy compression algorithms.

A detailed design stage will succeed to the preliminary one. Thanks to the knowledge gained during the design stages, development and qualification roadmaps up to the implementation at an engineering model level will be proposed.

Project Details