Cerc.Șt.Dr. Dragoș Fălie

Fălie Dragoş, PhD in physics, is a senior researcher at UPB. He participated in European projects FP6: "Action Recognition and Tracking based on Time-of-flight" (ARTTS) IST-34 107 and "Gaze-based Communication" (Gazecom) I10, 06-04. He collaborated at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider CERN-Geneva) ATLAS detector development. Within the EURATOM program, he contributed to the design and implementation of the EFDA-JET Gamma-Ray Cameras (Culham-UK), neutron attenuators, SHFD (superheated fluid detector) and at the interior wall protection system for the JET reactor (Protection for ITER-like Wall (PIW)). He participates at the experimental campaigns as "Vision System Operator" (VSO).

Among the works connected with the project can be mentioned: the  ultra fast photographic camera with 50Giga images/s, the image correction system for the 3D Time of Flight cameras, the development of the quantum computing laboratory in the framework of an EU-funded master program of excellence in "Imaging, Bioinformatics and Complex systems”, POSDRU contract 61756. He is member of the IEEE and EURATOM associations. In the framework of the project, he will contribute to the development of experimental assemblies and carry out interference and entangled photon tomography.